Meetings in the Philosophy Health Research Unit, Autumn 2017

Meetings take place at 3-5 pm in room 1453-125.

2017.10.04 | Camilla Brændstrup Laursen

During the autumn semester, the Philosophy Health Research Unit (Forskningsenheden for biomedicinens, sundhedsfagenes og folkesundhedsvidenskabernes filosofi og videnskabsteori) is hosting a number of interesting seminars. You are all invited to participate.

Meetings take place at 15.00-17.00 in room 1453-125, unless otherwise indicated. 

Friday Oct 6

Daena Funahashi (Anthropology, AU): “On the Limits of Thinking Globally: Health Governance and the Untranslatable in Thailand” 

Friday Nov 10

Anders Kruse Ljungdalh (Syddansk Universitet): “A History of the Concept of Attention”

Friday Nov 17 

Jacob Busch (Philosophy, AU): “Nudging”

Friday Dec 8 

Antoinette Mary Fage-Butler (School of Communication and Culture, AU): “What “health” means to Danish women from a low income group: Findings from an interview study”


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