Events in the Philosophy Health Research Unit, Spring 2018

All are welcome!

2018.03.01 | Camilla Brændstrup Laursen

Seminars arranged by The research network for philosophy of medicine and humanistic health research (SMK/Health, Humanity and Culture) and The research unit for the philosophy of the health sciences.

All are welcome.

March 19 – Bente Hoeck (University of Southern Denmark) and Charlotte Delmar (Aarhus University) – TBA. 15:00-17:00; 1467-616

April 9 – two events with Maël Lemoine (Bordeaux University, France):  
Workshop on naturalizing health/disease. 10.00-12.00; 1467-616
Presentation – “Can Big Data improve medical decisions?” 15.00-17.00; 1467-616

May 14 – Jan Kyrre Berg Friis (University of Copenhagen) – TBA. 15:00-17:00; 1467-616

June 11-12 - The research unit hosts the 2018 PhilMed Conference at Aarhus University: